Food Industry Goes Social!

Food Industry Goes Social

In order to create healthy recipes we need to start somewhere. That somewhere is a local market, grocery store, wholesale store, drug store, etc. We need food items to even consider making a recipe, right!?

With the rapid changes in social media and technology, we can now use our smart phones to order groceries (even have them delivered), QR scan some coupons, get push notifications on discounted items, and social media incentives if you participate in an interactive event on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

According to the U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2014: Our modern eating culture has changed dramatically. Take note on social networks, brand interaction, and engagement!

image 1

The food industry had to change a lot over the years because with the internet posts daily – meaning, food quality research, documentaries, and so on came out informing the public about hormones, animal abuse, steroids, GMO, etc. INSTANTLY. Well what person wants to willingly eat this? NOT ME!!! Now, the food industry is changing to cage free, no preservatives, no hormones or steroids, and thankfully no GMO. This brings me to the more “organic” lifestyle that is currently trending.


Today, stores promote healthy foods any way they can. Some stores conduct live food demonstrations and store tours. Food companies are labeling healthy choices on their packages, and stores are promoting the items on store shelves. There is also thought on healthy marketing pieces that are posted online and instore. In addition, all retailers have social media platforms to alert customers to healthier options, promotions, special offers, and newer products. Can we thank Apple and Android that we now have apps that allow us to receive push notifications? THANK YOU!!!

Chart: Expected Media Use by Grocery Retail Executives

Medium Currently using Use expected 5 years from now
Print 75% 17%
Social Internet 12% 65%
Broadcast 7% 3%

Source: “Supermarket Media Usage Study,” Valassis, July 2012.

As you know, social media is so new it creates confusion on how to correctly apply these marketing tactics to the food industry. So far, most food industries are using social media but many are using it differently.

According to Albertson’s, a national chain with 221,000 followers on Facebook, goes in this direction, with its banner graphic proclaiming “gotta love GREAT DEALS.” But Whole Foods goes the other direction, using its Facebook page to deliver recipes, hosting tips, and cross-promoting its presence on other social media, like Pinterest, to its 1.1 million likers. While grocery chains are still figuring out how to get the most benefit out of social media, it’s clear that these channels will be a big part of their marketing strategies over time.


Want more information on the 2014 industry trend? See here.



2 thoughts on “Food Industry Goes Social!

  1. Hi Fellow Foodie,

    Really nice blog! Love your header image. Gorgeous food styling and love that you cropped in nice and tight. One small issue for me: I wasn’t sure what the name of your blog is. Perhaps you could run it over your header image?

    Otherwise, lots of great content that’s really well organize and easy to scan. Love the tips on using SM to shop for ingredients or stay on top of food industry events. (Check out: Interesting stat on food industry marketing trends, too.

    Thanks, btw, for the scoop on how to thaw small dairy icebergs. I spent every weekend this past summer making my own froyo, but never perfected the art of keeping it from freezing rock hard. Still haven’t cracked the code, but at least now I know how to thaw it. ; )

    Thx for creating a fun, informative new source for my own foodie interests.



  2. I can only imagine Pinterest plays big in this paradigm, given its image-based content. I’ve often heard celebrity chefs state, “We eat with our eyes first.” Do you think this in any way simplifies the marketing approach for the industry?

    Nice job on the post again this week!


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