Foodies, Let’s Spread the Word!

Foodies, Let’s Spread the Word!


Let’s start with the 5 must haves in social marketing

Twitter is amazing for obvious reasons. For one, we can know what is going on in seconds, and two, you can see what consumers want and need. I say this because it is easier to follow trends and what consumers want by #HASHTAGS. When reading the Groundswell, I found out about TweetDeck.

An example of social media GONE RIGHT is Starbucks. They focus on their own Twitter handle and they practice engagement more so than promotion.  By using the hashtag #Stabucks, Starbucks can monitor how their brand is doing, and focus on what consumers like and enjoy. Anything negative, they can also modify so that people are more impressed with the brand.

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Overall, when it comes to best practices for blogging and tweeting, Foodies should focus on the following:

  1. Grab the readers’ attention immediately
  2. Breakup your text with bullets and numbered lists
  3. Keywords matter
  4. Write about what you know
  5. Refer to other blog posts and articles
  6. What do you read?
  7. Plan and Schedule
  8. Ask questions
  9. Check back and often
  10. Go Mobile

The food industry does use the above list (for the most part). The examples I listed previously were Starbucks and Whole Foods – which nailed it when it comes to social media.

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Depending on what’s trending, some companies may do it better. In this year, consumers focus more so than ever on health and wellness so companies promoting and marketing wellness will more than likely succeed more so than the fast food chains.

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Companies like Hootsuite, feel that 80% of the Food & Beverage Industry uses social media instead of traditional marketing to nurture leads, improve ROI and stay in the know about consumers—and competitors.

There are so many sources out there that help determine where social media is going and how the food industry is using social media to their advantage.

Here are websites that provide new marketing tactics and show what the food community is doing to get the word out there!




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What kind of foodie fails are there?

According to Digiorno’s pizza was 2 out of 10 on the FAIL scale!

DiGiorno’s inappropriate use of #WhyIStayed Following Janay Palmer Rice’s decision to stay with NFL player Ray Rice after a domestic violence incident, the hashtag #WhyIStayed was trending on Twitter. DiGiorno Pizza tried to join the conversation, tweeting “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.” Within minutes the inappropriate tweet was deleted and the company apologized, claiming it didn’t know what the hashtag was about before tweeting.

Remember when I brought up fast food? Here is the 10th fail in 2014.

McDonald’s tries new mascot hashtag

McDonald’s tried to celebrate the debut of a new version of its famous mascot with the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald. The plan backfired when nearly all of the responses on Twitter bashed the clown’s makeover and the restaurant chain’s food.

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After reviewing the fails, it is easy to see how the food industry is improving in social media and how they are adapting to new strategies. I can’t wait to see 2015 fails, can you?!



Is it?…

As with any industry, there will always be challenges and risks with taking a brand social.  To not take a brand social would also be risk considering how many consumers rely on social media/search and mobile applications.  “Many companies are just now starting to take a serious look at the benefits of social media in business, and they are looking even more closely at the risks involved, such as fraud, theft, defamation, cyberbullying and invasion of privacy among others” (Social media and its associated risks, 2011).

This brings me to an example about Kraft. Since they are in the food industry, do you remember seeing on Facebook the video that went viral about Kraft cheese not melting? If you haven’t watched the video, STOP. Watch this video and continue to read…

kraft Video

Now, that you have watched the video, this is an example of how a product and brand can be destroyed within hours.  Because this video went viral, anyone that had a social media account was able to see this video.  Can I also add that I was also one of the people on Facebook to SHARE this video and I now do not eat Kraft. Period.

Kraft then created a YouTube account called ThanksforAsking to make up for the cheese video, but Is this too late?  Take note – Kraft also made sure they disabled the comment box.

Kraft Experts?

Food companies face increased risks from social media because they still do not have developed policies for tools such as Twitter and Facebook, according to the law firm Roythorne.  More on this article here.

Another challenge to this is the food being bought in the grocery stores cannot be tracked. Meaning, if Sally from Kansas finds mold in her Childs Capri sun, Capri Sun will not see this until it is viral. The brand also runs the risk of no longer being sold in certain stores due to the issues that occur.

Not taking a risk or going social means a brand could fall behind. Without repetition or promotion, how can a brand really exist? I understand that it is new so it is hard for a brand to take the risk, but it’s probably a bigger risk to NOT try social media.

Surprisingly, a brand that doesn’t use social media or traditional marketing is Trader Joes.  According to  Mark Gardiner,  a previous employee and marketer writes: Over half a million people have liked the unofficial Trader Joe’s Fan page on Facebook, and if you enter “Trader Joe’s” as a search term on Pinterest you’ll come to a page that you can never really see, because new pics are being pinned faster than you can scroll. (OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get my point.) No wonder some devil’s advocates ask: Why should Trader Joe’s bother with social, since the company’s fans already do a fine job of spreading the word, sparing it the expense of hiring another manager?

Trader Joes uses face-to-face interaction and they pride themselves on being extra friendly and personable. Meaning, they make their environment so people enjoy going in to socialize with the employees that work there.

Check out more on Trader Joes here!



Where has this been? The Youfood Mobile app is EVERYTHING! Youfood is rated the number 1 food app and is 4.8 out of 5 stars. This app focuses on (drum roll) EATING GOOD FOOD. Within this app, you share food wisdom, meal ideas & recipes, and a community to ensure all is eating better, together! There is obviously way more to this app than what’s listed above, but the learning experience and friendships you may get from this app seems worth the FREE download.


Since this is also a community, eating better is not only from the recipes within the app, or store locations on where to purchase the food, but it really comes from the community engagement on the device. Let’s start with an example – Cindy joins the Youfood community and pins recipes and finds stores nearby to purchase better items, she then starts engaging with the Youfood community and she meets nutritionist, meal preppers, trainers, people who have lost weight from certain meal plans, and so on… From here, Cindy now has access to food recipes, store locations on where to get better quality food, new friendships and health/wellness connections that are all based around a common interest – FOOD.

This network of over 200,000 people has become quite a success! Check out a customer review:
Looking for a healthy relationship with food? Download this app!
***** Rating
by Rejuv
“I’ve lost 20 pounds with the help of this app and community and have kept it off for 10 months so far! I love the new Fridge where I can store my favorite meals, inspirational posts, and other user’s meals that I want to try! For me, an unsuccessful dieter for decades, food is no longer the enemy – YouFood has made eating fun again! If you want to gain awareness of your eating habits by photo logging your meals and benefit from a super supportive community, this app is for you!”

In addition, Youfood also recommends other apps to download to help consumers stay on track and really enjoy their new eating habits.


Since this social mobile app is global, I found an Australian fitness coach that actually uses this app to help his clients. According to Alex Fergus, “The app is designed for individuals looking to share meals with people around the world. It actually serves a lot of great purposes:

You can find people on similar diets and follow them for meal ideas,
support and encouragement.

 – You can follow your friends and family, and become accountable for
what you eat.

 – It’s an easy way to track the food you eat, without having to weigh food
or pull out a notepad. Simply snap and move on.

A lot of people have had great diet success using the app, and with such an active, supportive community I can see why”.


If you are interested in downloading this social media app – Youfood, I really suggest you read here and see how Alex Fergus uses the mobile app, and all the ways you can utilize this app! I know I am downloading the Youfood app, TODAY! How about you?